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Connemara Culture - Music & Dance

Connemara's rich traditions of music, song, dance and story-telling are very unique and one of the greatest pleasures of the region.
Oscar Wilde described Connemara as a 'savage beauty' and its patchwork of brooding lakes, mountains and bogs certainly gives a sense of splendid isolation. This landscape along with the wild Atlantic coastline has inspired much of the music that can be heard to this day in Connemara. The sense of loss that was experienced through immigration which started during the famine often penetrates the music and song of the area.

Musicians gather for informal 'sessions' in many pubs across Connemara and if you're lucky enough to join one, it's a great way to witness the wild heart of Connemara with lively music, song and dance going on late into the night. In many towns and villages you can experience the beautiful tradition of Sean Nós singing or dance, a style native to this area.

Here are some Youtube movies to give you an idea of the music and sean-nos dancing. This is a family that i know very well, they live in Connemara and are famous for their dancing abilities – Seamus Devane is the father and his two sons, Patrick and Gerard – from one generation to another.They can also play any musical instrument.

Sean Nos Dancing







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